Our team of experienced Event Stylists' are ready to assist, or take on full planning of any event you have in mind. It could be a corporate meeting, fundraiser, reunion, trade show, or even that beach wedding you've been dreaming of... all right here in New Braunfels! Schedule your property visit today and experience the Hill Country charm and laid back beach vibe our slice of paradise has to offer. 

Private Conference Room:

Seats 4 to 16 guests

Beachside Meeting Room: 

for groups up-to 100 guests, seats 60

Beachside Meeting Room with Patio & Beach Bar:

accommodates 125+ guests

Palm Center Lounge: 

for groups up-to 100 guests

Palm Center Lounge with South Deck:  

for groups up-to 150 guests

Palm Center Lounge with Deck to Lawn: 

for groups up-to 200 guests

Canopy Rooms: 

private space above Palm Center Lounge

Event Tents: 

can be set up anywhere on property 

Palm Center

Screen Shot 2019-07-16 at 12.17.43

Grand Hall & Stage

Ceremony: 600+ guests
Sit Down Dinner: 600+ guests
Cocktail Party: 900+ guests
Bar: Full bar service available
Audio + Visual: Upon Request

Hours of Availability

All Day ( 8am-Midnight)
8 am-4pm
4pm- Midnight
All Day Events only
All Day ( 8am-Midnight)
8 am-4pm
4pm- Midnight
70+ Acres of Paradise
Beautiful Beach
Beach Bar: Full Service Available
Audio + Visual: Upon Request
Wakeboard + Paintball: Upon Request

Outdoor Area & Stage

Screen Shot 2019-07-16 at 12.41.03